Information on data privacy and use of the questionnaire on Big Earth Data User Requirements

We invite you to take part in this user requirements questionnaire!

The participation to this questionnaire is solely voluntary. The survey does not target any sensitive data and all statements are optional. By participating to this questionnaire, you agree to the processing and storing of the data provided (your institution and email address, if provided) for the purpose of understanding better the requirements and needs of users of Big Earth Data. You have the right to withdraw your consent without any consequences at any time without giving a reason.

What is the purpose of this questionnaire?

The questionnaire has the aim to find out how users working with large volumes of environmental data interact with the data and what obstacles they currently face. The goal is, based on user needs, to derive how current data systems have to evolve in the future and what features will be required in order for users to exploit the data best. The term Big Earth Data in this context refers to digital information about Earth, including observations, metadata, imagery, derived products, forecasts and analyses produced by computer models.

This questionnaire is part of a PhD thesis on “Big Data technologies for meteorological and climate data” at the Faculty of Geography at the University of Marburg, Germany in collaboration with the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF).

How will the collected data be used?

The data will be scientifically analysed and may be used as anonymised collections of data in scientific publications or presentations. All the data will be treated confidentially and respectfully and will not be shared with third parties. All data collection and processing within this questionnaire will be carried out according to EU and national legislation.

Who will have access to the collected data?

The collected data will be available in an non-anonymised way only to Julia Wagemann, as the direct interviewer. The anonymised data may be shared with partners at University of Marburg and ECMWF who are involved in the project.

Contact details

For any issues related to this user questionnaire, including revoking your consent to let us use your data, you are kindly advised to contact Julia Wagemann (Visiting Scientist at ECMWF) as the responsible person for this questionnaire.